lalalala... 13 hours sleep.. XD
I really feel dead tired yesterday,
i've count my sleep time, and i've 13 hours sleep as well..
like i was died... rofl~ hahahaa, now i feel so fresh... XD
Hm, but now i have problem..
i cant sleep at this night.. XDD
Tomorrow i must go with my friend to service our printer at 9 AM...
aaaaaaaaaaarrgh~ what should i do.. rofl.. XD

hope tomorrow i cant feel so sleepy, hahaha, XD

oyasumi~ (^.^;)/

Rin's diary today~
Hmm, today i've wake up on 3 AM , go take a bath and cooking breakfast for myself
and then i go to church at 5 AM...

I've only sleep 3 hours.. @_@

on Saturday night, i've sleep at 12 AM.. it's really make me feel very sleepy~ ><
At church i've drink a lot coffee.. it's make me feel better, haha (^ 3 ^)

and then on 1PM, I go to hospital with my friends, we want to looks our friend's mother..
she got stoke.. =.= hope she will heatlh again more faster^^

And then i go home at 3PM.. really feel tired.. but i cant sleep
because i must prepare about my broadcast radio's entries and prepare for my journalist's question to interview my pastor on church... i must go to church again on 6PM... XD

Aaaaah, and then.. that interview is really successfully, and my broadcast radio is good^^
but i really feel tired..
hahahaha, but i still spend my time to collect a lot pics of my fandom artist lol..  XDD

Ah, now is 1.30 AM...
i really feel tired.. want to sleep now..

Oyasuminasai..... \ ( ^_' )>



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